Our Philosophy and Process

Philosophy of Hakim Financial, Inc.

The only guarantee in life is change. The philosophy of founder Thomas M. Hakim, Jr. is carried through by the entire team of professionals at Hakim Financial Incorporated. Since change affects every person's lives differently, we utilize a most-personal approach to our clients' needs which allows us to continually adjust for change. Our overall success comes from the relationship we can create with each of our clients. Our commitment is absolute to the people we service, as people come first and foremost at our firm. The understanding of our clients' financial philosophy, goals, and objectives are paramount to our working in cooperation to achieve optimum results. We historically have followed a more prudent, moderate path towards financial stability and growth of wealth with our clients. The "events" of life are far more important to our peace of mind with clients than any yield numbers or market recalcitrance. Controlling what are able we control, keeping stable and continual communication with the client, and developing trustworthy relationships are the keys to a successful client-Representative partnership, and ultimately, financial stability. We believe that recognizing and understanding our clients' own beliefs and hopes is what allows us to grow into the future together.

Our Process

The process is often as simple or as complex as our clients' own financial goals. Where we go with our clients depends on their particular needs and concerns in not only the financial world, but life as well.


We begin with a group of questions in which we ask our clients in order to identify their concerns, direction and goals. Your priorities need to be known in order for us to make them our priorities.

Gather Information

We gradually gather information about our clients as they give it to us. This information becomes the tools we will use to build a strategy for the client and create both an understanding and base of communication upon which we will continue to build.


We evaluate the information we receive from our client to see if it truly reflects the person and the goals that they initially conveyed to us. We begin to clearly distinguish the client's financial objectives and then build a plan for them accordingly.

Explain and Teach

We then meet with the client to explain our findings and educate them on the unique plan we developed with their specific objectives as the foundation. At this time our philosophy and that of our client come together.

Recommend and Implement

We put forward our recommendations and plan of implementation for the client to begin the process of building our new client-Representative relationship. Periodic reviews follow, for there will be changes in your circumstances or goals, and sometimes changes in your portfolio will be warranted.